Inner Critic Quiz 

Inner Critic Self Assessment

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What represents the character of your Inner Critic? Read through the descriptions below and select the one that is dominating your life the most. You might find that you have two or three types of other Inner Critics, but start with the one that has the biggest influence on you right now. 

The Cautious Warner:

“Don’t do it - You’ll hurt yourself! Too Dangerous! Too Risky! You might get rejected! People may think you’re arrogant. if you succeed”

The Badge Owner:

“You don’t have enough education in this.” “You didn’t go to xyz school.” “You don’t have a degree.”

The Analyst:

“Don’t get into this before you looked at it from all angles.” “You don’t have all the facts, there’s probably information missing.”

The Comparer:

“You are not as good as these guys.” “You don’t belong because you don’t fit.”

The Perfectionist:

“You are not ready yet, your work isn’t perfect.” “They will reject/judge you if you present like this.”

The Controller:

“Get it together! Don’t be a wimp!” “You should be ashamed of yourself if you aren’t …” (tries to control what you should do by shaming and commanding)

The Drill Sergeant:

“Lazy doesn’t produce success.”  “You need to work hard to earn your ropes.” 

The Bully/Destroyer:

“You’re one big failure.” “You should have never been….” 

The Guilt-Tripper:

“How could you ….?” “… will never forgive you.” 

The Humbler/Conformist:

“Keep your head down!” “Do as you’re told.” “What will other people think?” “Who do you think you are to deserve being in xyz position?”

When and where in my life is my Inner Critic most active?

What is my Inner Critic MOST afraid of or trying to prevent or achieve?

Who would you be or what would your life be without this Inner Critic? What would be different?