Nothing is more draining
than an unfulfilling job.

Let's change that.

Join other professionals like you who’ve changed careers faster than the average job seeker!

We help emerging leaders to build great careers and land jobs that fulfill them and bank on their strength.

Our Career Change Program helps you in less than 8 weeks or less to gear up to change jobs.

leadership executive career coaching communication
leadership communication coaching executive presentation consulting career

If job search has become a dreadful, long and fruitless effort, you’re in the right place.

Our clients transition to entirely new careers 3-5 times faster the average job seeker!

What You'll Walk Away With

A career change plan that works!

You’ll get a step-by-step plan with tools that are proven to work. No more applying and guessing!

leadership executive career communication coaching

A Polished Career Portfolio

Learn how to use all things (resume, online presence, networking, interviews) to tell a convincing story that attracts recruiters!

leadership executive career communication coaching

Resources to keep

  • Templates (Resume, Cover Letter, Thank You Letter, etc.)
  • Worksheets
  • Guides, Workbooks
  • Networking Events
  • all other resources
Career Change Program

Program Outline

Session #1 – Understanding Your Baseline

How You Change Careers in 12 Strategic Steps And How Personal Values Have A Lasting Impact On Your Career (Proven)

Session #2 – Identifying Your Options

How To Identify a New Career When You’ve No Idea What To Do Next

Session #3 – Preparing Your Transition

How To Know You’ve Chosen The Right Career Before You Make The Transition

Session #4 – Creating Your Action Plan

How You Plan a Career Transition So You Have A Reliable Roadmap That Works

Session #5 – Defining Your Professional Brand

How To Create Your New Career Brand For A Successful Transition & How To Pitch You New Story To Land Interviews (And Jobs!)

Session #6 – Your Resume & Effective Research

How To Create A Resume That Reliably Lands Interviews & Why Classic Job Search Activities Fail You And What Strategies You Need To Employ For More Success

Session #7 – Preparing For Interviews

Job Interview Preparation That’ll Build Your Confidence And Improves Your Interview Success

Session #8 – Successful Negotiations 

When And How You Should Negotiate Your Salary And Other Employment Terms Without Risking a Loss

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Program Dates

8-Week Program

New  dates pending 

4-Week Program

New dates coming in in Q3

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3-Day Virtual Workshops

June 27 – 29  MON – WED @ 2 PM – 6 PM CST

Sept. 19-21  MON – WED @ 2 PM – 6 PM CST

leadership executive career communication coaching
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