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Is Leadership Coaching a Good Fit For You?

Leadership Coaching covers many areas beneficial to career professionals – even those who are not in leadership positions. However, to make sure this program suits your needs at the current stage of your career, read through this page and see if the topics covered in this program match your career goals. If you look to transition to a new position or to transform your career, Career Coaching may be a better fit. It is also important to understand that coaching is not recruiting, job placement, etc. A good distinction of major disciplines compared to coaching is available in this article

Most clients for this program have found themselves in either of these two positions: 

(1) The first group are clients who recently got promoted and who want to excel in the challenges that come with their new roles. This often includes learning to manage others, working with other executives, thinking strategically, making high-stakes decisions, influence and communication and often confidence. This is just touching the surface, but should give you an idea of the typical reasons to join a leadership program as an emerging leader. 

(2) The second group is comprised of two segments: The first are aspiring leaders who carefully plan their career and take charge by working with a coach early on. Their goal is to land a leadership position – whether through promotion or job transition. In the second segment are leaders who lead projects and programs, but not necessary people. They often do not have functional leadership roles and titles and they often want to master topics like leading without formal authority, mastering crucial conversations, or to excel in the leading of their programs in such a way that they will get promoted or rewarded in other ways. 

If you’re not sure if this is for you, read on to find out more or book a brief phone consultation to square off any questions. 

What is Leadership Coaching?

Leadership Coaching as a discipline focuses on helping leaders to develop their leadership skills and to grow both individually and in their performance as a leader in their organizations and careers. 


Leadership Coaching shouldn’t be confused with leadership training. Training is an event or a series of events or modules teaching leaders concepts in a one-size-fits-all manner. It is a vital part of leadership development and is often used to supplement coaching. 


Leadership coaching uses a proven coaching method that leads leaders – whether in individual or group sessions – to get to the core of their challenges, to overcome obstacles, become aware of underlying beliefs and hesitations, increase awareness and create transforming actions. The latter (transforming actions) is where training programs have shown to fall short. Transformation takes deliberate effort, commitment, and persistence, which the coaching process supports.

A Custom Leadership Program With Measurable Results

Leaders in the industry, in coaching, and in HR are not clear about the most effective coaching methodologies. They often base the choice on the best marketing or likability of the coach. While understandable, wouldn’t you want to make sure you become a better leader as a result of the coaching?

This is one reason your coaching with Zaradigm will not just provide you with a one-size-fits-all program. We modify the program together so it is aligned to start where you need to begin your leadership growth. To make sure you are progressing toward your goal, we will work together to specify a clear plan and identify how we can measure improvement over time. It is wonderful if you like your coach, and it is beneficial when building the coaching relationship and coaching on sensitive matters that require trust in our working together. What likability doesn’t do is create measurable evidence that you are marching steadily toward your goals. 

Leadership Development

What can you expect your leadership development program to cover? In summary, the topics covered fall into these three areas: (1) Self-Management, (2) Understanding Leadership Concepts, and (3) Interpersonal Skills.

(1) Self-Management

Self-Management covers topics like time management, understanding, and managing expectations, emotional intelligence, or EQ (self-awareness, social awareness, self-regulation, and managing relationships), boundaries, and more. EQ plays a significant role as it is said to account for 75% of the success of top-performing executives today. This area also addresses a common topic: confidence. What good is the knowledge and mastery of these areas if you lack confidence?

(2) Understanding Leadership Concepts 

This area introduces emerging leaders to key concepts commonly used in today’s business world. This includes leadership styles and common business concepts. As a young leader, you may have been exposed to a lot of these concepts. We will focus together on the ones you haven’t mastered yet. 

(3) Leadership Skills 

This third segment covers leadership communication, influence, leading without authority, delegation, decision-making, managing teams, problem identification, problem-solving, strategic thinking, strategic planning, handling crucial conversations, managing resistance or presence, to name a few. Also belonging to this category is the discovery and development of your leadership style.  

Start Your Leadership Program Today

The Leadership Program is flexible enough to let you enter at any stage – even to “mix and match.” As you can see, the program includes career coaching components. To drill deeper into what career coaching looks all by itself, take a look at the Career Coaching Program.

Schedule a free consultation today to see if this is a good fit for you and get a taste of coaching. 

If you plan to use coaching to improve your skills and benefit your current employer, read more about how to ask your employer for support to fund your coaching engagement. We have a template you can download to write a request letter.