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Today’s Leading Thoughts edition shares a special update. Over the past six months, I have written a book: “High-Performance Virtual Work: How Leaders Create Effective Virtual Workplaces.” Drumroll… The book launched today!

A publisher approached me to write about virtual work. In fact, this was due to my twelve years of virtual work experience. A request to author a book is a great honor to me. Additionally, this request sparked new excitement about a topic I am passionate about. Over the years, I addressed many misconceptions and learned a lot in the process. I learned about myself, leadership, communication, time management, and other topics that require special attention in a virtual and remote workplace. All of them are addressed in this book.

1 – Leading Thought

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2 – Your Choice: How Leaders Create Effective Virtual Workplaces

Virtual Work requires specific and adaptive skillsets, mindsets, disciplines, principles, rules, processes, and tools to succeed. Leaders and teams voice their challenges regarding productivity, self-discipline, influence, communication, and other areas.

Many of the paradigms that prevail in an office will not work in a virtual or hybrid workplace. One of these paradigms ties to beliefs about how to motivate and lead people into being productive. Interestingly, some of these underlying beliefs relate more to leadership skills than the often-cited technical challenges.

I determined it was worth unraveling these topics. As a result, my book addresses three areas representing challenges in Virtual Workplaces: First, Part 1 addresses effective virtual leadership. Part 2 focuses on creating and fostering culture in a Virtual Work environment. Lastly, I cover technologies that enable high-performance work in Part 3.

Expect more insights over the coming weeks!

3 – Way to Grow!

The book is available on Bookboon – the world’s most used Corporate Learning Solution:

High-Performance Virtual Work Book Leaders Cover

Here’s to leading well – virtually, hybrid or in-office!


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