Un-Ghosting: A Controversial Hiring Strategy is Gaining Popularity

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Have you ever been ghosted by a recruiter or hiring manager? If you’re not familiar with “ghosting” – lucky you! Ghosting is the act of suddenly disappearing by no longer responding to any messages. Both employers and job seekers lament the practice. But that’s changing now.

1 – Leading Thought

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2 – Your Choice: Respond or Ignore?

Be prepared for a surprise if you have been ghosted by an employer before. A recent article in the Wall Street Journal reported that job seekers have been contacted by employers two to four years after being ghosted by them. It may sound ridiculous, but has become a new trend in industries desperate to hire. The article stirred a wild debate online.

How would you respond if you were ghosted and contacted after such a long time? Will you respond or ignore the message?

Perhaps the question should be: What has caused you to ghost someone? We all have done it. Sometimes because a big life event took over. Sometimes because we took the “easy way out.” In either case, it was rarely about the other person.

3 – Way to Grow!

If you have been on the receiving end, you will enjoy these resources:


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