How has your week been? Time flies, doesn’t it?  Let’s talk about reclaiming some of your time.

    1 – Leading Thought

    I cannot buy more time. I better be careful how I spend it.  — Warren Buffett Click To Tweet

    2 – You Choose

    When people share concerns about time escaping them, they often view it as something that makes a decision to walk away. But time is a constant: every day has the same 24 hours. The sun rises and sets. What you do alongside of this timeline is entirely in your hands.

    Of course, there are exceptions. There are things beyond your reach like extreme weather, accidents, or health emergencies.

    Outside of that, you have the choice of what goes on your calendar, how much of it, and how frequently.

    I’m not sure why we call it time management. What it really is has more to do with our values, which inform our priorities, which inform our decisions about what gets our time. Boundaries are then what erects a protection around those blocks of time.

    Let’s trace it back: Your calendar, in essence, is filled with decisions around your priorities. Some are influenced by others, like your work responsibilities.

    If you find a large portion of your day not leading you to these priorities, reassess your calendar and where you chose to spend your most precious commodity, time.

    To claim back power over your time, you need to have clarity about what the time should be spent on. Time doesn’t escape you, it goes where you send it. You make the majority of those choices.

    3 – Way to Grow!

    This week, I am sharing a challenge in this segment. It’s simple: Take a notebook and jot down everything you are doing every waking hour of the day for 2 weeks. Keep it simple. Bullet points or keywords are enough. Mark useful things that are in line with your priorities with a ‘★’ and time wasters, false urgencies, and inefficiencies with an ‘x’. Take time at the end of each day and week to reflect on the ratio of those markers and take note of what you learn.

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    Here’s to making great choices!


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