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Career Coaching helps you in many areas – from the early stages of planning a career (or planning a career transition) all the way to growing in the role you are in (see below for the phase model). To make sure this program suits your needs at the current stage of your career, read through this page and gauge where you should start. It is also important to understand that coaching is not recruiting, job placement, or buying a list of connections or introductions. A good distinction of major disciplines compared to coaching is available in this article

These are the two distinct client groups who choose this program: 

(1) Career Change. These are professionals who look for different careers than the one they found themselves in. This is often fueled by feeling misaligned, not working in their calling, or utilizing their strength or passions. Other times, the reason to pursue a change is to stay in more enticing positions within the same role, with more responsibility, or with more notable companies.  

(2) Career Development. This group of professionals wants to overcome challenges at work, ranging from conflicts at work to inner conflicts, also known as the impostor syndrome. They want to work on their confidence, their performance and perception – and everything in between. 

All have one thing in common: they take charge of their careers and invest in themselves. If you’re unsure if this is for you, read on to find out more or book a brief phone consultation to square off any questions. 

What is Career Coaching?

Career Coaching uses a mix of coaching and consultative and teaching approaches. Coaching itself uses a proven process to help you achieve your goals. Supplementing the coaching method typically includes career branding, career strategy, interview preparation, personality assessments for development, and more. 

Career Coaching shouldn’t be confused with mentoring. Mentoring teaches you to become like your role model. Coaching puts you at the center to evolve into your full potential. 

Coaching uses a proven coaching method that leads you to get to the core of your challenges, to overcome obstacles, become aware of underlying beliefs and hesitations, increase awareness and create transforming actions. This transformation takes deliberate effort on your part, including commitment and persistence, which our program supports through our platform and approach.

Start Career Coaching Today

Zaradigm’s program is flexible enough to let you enter at any stage – even to “mix and match.” The minimum length is a 10-12 week program, which you can extend using several options, including monthly retainers. Schedule a free consultation today to discuss options and to get any questions squared off. 

If you plan to use coaching to improve your skills and benefit your current employer, read more about how to ask your employer for support to fund your coaching engagement. We have a template you can download to write a request letter. 

Career Coaching