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without sacrificing top-performance?

Stress and anxiety are the leading cause of decreased productivity in the workplace. (Source)

Growth at work

Zaradigm helps aspiring and established leaders achieve enduring balance and satisfaction.

We offer career coaching and leadership development. With these tools you can cultivate communication, presence, and confidence. No matter what career stage you’re in, a coach partners with you to create unbiased clarity.

With the right resources and support, it’s possible for leaders to make consistent progress towards their goals. Boundaries and stability – at work and in life – naturally emerge when you’re equipped with the right tools.

Breakthroughs you didn’t think were possible are within reach.

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Proof of Impact

A Fortune 500  company did a study on the ROI of Executive Coaching and found:

  • 77% of respondents stated coaching significantly impacted at least one business measures
  • Overall productivity, employee satisfaction, engagement and quality improved
  • Overall, Executive Coaching produced a 788% ROI

The Harvard Business Review showed in an article that three stock portfolios comprised exclusively of companies that invest in employee development outperformed the S&P 500 by 17-35%.

The International Coach Federation (ICF) reports that “leaders who participated in coaching saw a 50% to 70% increase in work performance, time management, and team effectiveness.”

Other studies support these metrics further:

  • 6X average ROI on the cost of executive and career coaching
  • 73% improved relationships
  • 72% improved communication skills
  • 67% improved their work/life balance
  • 53% improved executive productivity  
  • 70% enhanced direct report/supervisor relationships
  • 67% improved teamwork and 63% working relationships with peers

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Too often, exceptional performance comes at the cost of your sanity.

That said, trying to find balance and fulfillment in your work as a leader is like traveling in endless circles – and it’s exhausting. No matter how hard you work to support your team, you can’t help feeling that you’re letting them down. At this point, you sense your efforts are under-appreciated, and doubt starts to creep in. The cycle repeats.

Without a roadmap for reaching your goals, career satisfaction remains elusive.

When your confidence is lacking, fears of exposure and failure grow. When that happens, it’s easy to feel isolated when so many others depend on you.


Imagine being truly at ease – while having a breakthrough in your career as a leader.

As you commit to your own development, every aspect of your work would become joyful and meaningful, opening new avenues for excellence. Your team could count on you to guide them with confidence and decisiveness. With your inner critic tamed, self-judgement and the need for perfection would disappear.

A crystal clear vision enables you to pursue meaningful work, make a difference in the world, and maximize your potential.

Without insecurity and the risk of burnout holding you back, how much more could you achieve?

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Zaradigm can help you become a powerful leader, create the career you’re longing for, and find the balance you’re missing.

No matter the challenges you’re currently facing, our services are here to help you succeed.

By investing in coaching, you’re making a commitment to your future. Instead of going with the current, you’re taking charge and steering a course to your goals. Working with a coach has been proven to significantly decrease the time needed to reach your goals.

Talent & Leadership Development

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“I started Zaradigm after many years as a female immigrant in a male-dominated industry. Throughout my career, I’ve faced plenty of adversity. I’ve also experienced first-hand the impact that leadership has on organizations.

Exceptional leadership builds trust, motivates, and increases collaboration. Poor leadership fractures teams and destroys ambition. In both cases, communication is the difference between success and failure.

Coaching has been a powerful tool that I’ve used consistently in my own career. Thanks to some amazing coaches, I was able to navigate periods of challenge with ease.

Coaching has increased my awareness and transformed the way I approach my work.

Zaradigm’s mission is to positively impact work by transforming leaders and those who aspire to lead. In this way, we can increase fulfillment both in and out of the workplace.

Coaching is our tool of choice for sparking this transformation.”

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