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Where many uninformed job seekers spend 5 – 8 months ON AVERAGE looking for work, the processes below have a 98% success rate at reducing search time to just 1 – 3 months! (My students have landed the jobs they wanted with this information).

As I’ve spent much of my time coaching Fortune 500 Leadership Teams, I like to let my students in on the “mysterious language👽” and corporate thought-processes behind why they’re willing to hire certain people over others.

Each of these short, information-packed mini-courses lends corporate-level secrets to uninitiated job seekers. These are the top 5 most common problem areas keeping applicants trapped in “career limbo” for extended periods of time. You can apply these secrets to any position (but they’re best for higher up roles). 

Feel free to pick and choose single lessons for a more affordable fix.

job search basics course bundle

Resume Basics and Tools

Take less than 20 minutes to learn how to create a great resume quickly with these tips and available tools.

Job search course ATS Resume

Getting Your Resume ATS-Ready

Learn how to optimize your resume so your resume will get in front of recruiters and not filtered out by an Application Tracking System (ATS).

job search define professional brand

Defining Your Professional Brand

Learn how you can shape your career brand image to be perceived by hiring managers as the professional for the roles you're aiming for.

job search linkedin profile course

Master Your LinkedIn Profile

Learn how to create a LinkedIn profile that will make you stand out and leverage LinkedIn's profile settings and tools to boost you to the top in search results.

Professional Networking Course Cover

Building and Engaging Your Network

Learn how to build a strong career network and put it to use to drastically improve your chance of getting hired into your target role!

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